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Rideshare Drivers.
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Artists: Increase Range
to 80,000+ Listeners
1. Simply select which songs you want on rotation from Spotify.

2. Sit back and enjoy our platform's exposure of 80K+ monthly listens via our Ridesharing Network, with growth translating to Spotify.

3. We accelerate organic growth via QR-code remotes for passengers to interact with your music while providing deep insights from your fans.

4. The best part: anyone can start advertising music for a penny per stream
Strivers: Stream, Drive,
and Make Money
Ditch boring radio music and boring ads as a driver and explore new artists with music tailored to your taste—And get paid for every stream!

Earn $80-$140+ monthly by exploring music tailored to your taste with Strive's AI — simultaneously supporting and working with Strive artists you enjoy. While helping our Strive artists grow, you'll see your monthly income grow, just for listening to new music!
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