Advertising Artists by Paying
Rideshare Drivers.
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Artists: Advertise
to 100,000's+ Listeners
1. Select songs from Spotify that you want to advertise in Strive rideshares.

2. Grow on Spotify with our Rideshare-based network's exposure of 1M+ monthly listens from users and rideshare passengers.

3. We accelerate organic growth via QR-code remotes for direct passenger exposure and collect deep insights from these new fans' interactions.

4. Budget Friendly so launch a Strive music ad campaign for a penny per stream!
Strivers: Stream, Drive,
and Earn Money
Ditch the same boring radio music and ads and and earn $100-200+ monthly to listen to a mix of your OWN familiar Spotify playlists and new music from rising, radio-like Strive artists tailored to your musical preferences!

Passengers can scan in-vehicle QR-code tags (shipped to drivers for free) to control music & tip drivers via Strive's music remote control WEBSITE (no additional download needed)!
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Notice: Artists/Management can reserve larger "enterprise" campaigns (access to large 10K-1M+ stream campaigns, geo-targeting venues, timeline scheduling, etc) via form below or emailing (recommended you create a campaign on iOS App before requesting a larger campaign).
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Driver requirements for setting up Strive are listed below
Driver Requirements
Requirements to get Started:

1. Download iOS app and make an account in-app.

2. Get Spotify Premium [Strive reimburses $10 monthly for new driver referrals]

3. Setup Passenger QR-Code Tags around car headrests for passenger remote control [Strive ships to your address in 1-2 weeks for FREE]

If you have any questions using or setting up Strive, email :)
Driver FAQ

How much can I earn?

$0.01 / Stream (Listening to 30+ seconds of a song) as a fulltime driver (4-8 hours daily) translates to ~$100-$200 / month.

How much do I have to drive?

Full-time drivers with 4-8 daily hours of driving can earn $80-$140+ monthly

Can I choose music?

Yes, you select your own familiar playists & favorite genres of music and Strive will curate playlists containing your own music, Strive artists music, AND the trending artists that match your genre taste!

Can I skip songs?

Yes, you are paid $0.01 for the songs you listen to atleast for 30+ seconds. Strive autoskip feature automatically skips songs every 30 - 90 seconds (you pick).

When am I paid?

Drivers are paid bi-weekly (minimum of $5 prior to payout) and payouts can take 5-7 business days to process.

Will we earn money if we use Strive WITHOUT really driving rideshares (i.e. being stationary)?

Nope, we pause your session's earnings after 10 minutes of inactivity (at least ~50 meters) until you resume driving rideshare. We also monitor your weekly passenger interaction progress via QR Code Remote scans and usage.